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John Simpson wrote:
> is there a reason you couldn't have it recursively run itself using 
> "$0" instead of forcing a fixed name? does it not work this way, or  is
> this a testing version and not meant to be a finished product yet?

Because that wont exist when it goes into a sub directory.

> also, you're hard-coding the numeric uid/gid for the vpopmail user... 
> you can do this at the beginning with

Well, thanks for pointing that out, but the reason I'm releasing the
script is not so people with absolutely no idea what they're doing
can generate the control files, but so that walking the hashed directories
can be shown. :)  Let me rephrase that so it's ultimately clear, I'm not
looking for suggestions and patches that make this the end-all control
file generating script, I just wanted to get the directory tree walking
portion out to people who had asked how.

> i've run into the same thing with qmailadmin and vqadmin, and even  went
> so far as to write a patch for vqadmin (which has been ignored  by
> inter7 for two years- maybe mentioning it again here will make  somebody

It's hardly ignored, as we deal with it on a daily basis, however, our
development efforts, yes, are currently in another direction.
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