On 2005-09-21, at 0614, Aleks Olsen wrote:
Now, it seems the patch didnt like working with auth-jms1.4a.patch (auth
patch) and/or qmail-1.03-jms1.5.patch (tls patch).

both of which are ANCIENT. my combined patch is up to version 6b now.

and it doesn't use "chkuser"... i doctored up a different way to handle the same problem, using a "validrcptto.cdb" file containing every valid email address on the system. whenever you add or remove a user, you rebuild the cdb file.

http://qmail.jms1.net/patches/ has information on both patches.

I got the auth patch from the vpopmail contrib dir and tried with that,
leaving the ones mentioned above out of it and then patched with the
netqmail*auth*chkuser patch. I believe im not really in the need for that
tls anyways for smtp transactions.

if you're supporting AUTH, you really should use TLS as well. otherwise you're allowing your users to send their passwords across the internet in plain text- and all it takes is one spammer with a packet sniffer to use your machine as a relay.

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