I've got an odd error that is coming up and I can't quite put my finger
on it.  I have 3 mail servers running qmail/vpopmail (5.4.10) and MySQL
3.23.58.  I also have mysql replication running and vpopmail is
configured in accordance with that (reads on localhost, writes on the db
server).  We've been receiving complaints from customers about
intermittent smtp errors and when I tail the maillog I'm seeing errors
like this:

Sep 22 08:58:37 qmail1 vpopmail[64930]: vchkpw-smtp: vpopmail user not
Sep 22 08:58:39 qmail1 vpopmail[64995]: vchkpw-smtp: vpopmail user not
Sep 22 08:58:40 qmail1 vpopmail[65022]: vchkpw-smtp: vpopmail user not

In the interest of our users' privacy I have replaced the various email
& ip addresses with the [EMAIL PROTECTED] and  What's strange is that
it's not happening with any other authentication method (pop3, imap,
etc), only smtp.  It fails out saying "user not found" and yet a
'vuserinfo' on that user reveals they actually do exist.  I have qmail
patched with the smtp auth patch from:


I'm happy to provide any other information that might be helpful in
figuring this out.  Any suggestions are, of course, welcomed.


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