> >A better idea... The most of probably use qmail because there is
> vpopmail.
> >What about rewriting around vpopmail a modern, robust and
> >that does not force us to be acrobats in order to add functionalities
> qmail?
> Do you have considered how many changes vpopmail has undergone the
> years ?
And what exactly does this have to do with the subject being discussed?
Since vpopmail changes so much qmail is the only mta to use? 
Hell, if the vpopmail folks would get their butts into the 21st century
and use shared libraries all of the hell of upgrading vpopmail from one
version to the next would also disappear. And I can get on my high horse
about this since I submitted patches to facilitate this ages ago. They
worked, weren't too ugly, and I offered to make any cleanups people
wanted to see.
I disagree with the concept of writing a new MTA (we've got several
really good ones out there already), but I agree with the end result of
vpopmail being more useable by more people.
> Did you ever do a code digest ?
Again, wtf is the relevance?
> Do you have the slightest idea how vchkpw works ?
Since I do have a pretty solid understanding, I'm quite confident in
saying that I think vpopmail really ought to be ported to work with
postfix or exim in a much cleaner fashion. While I admire qmail a lot,
especially when considering its late 90s tech, I definitely am cognizant
of its short comings. The lack of a license, and the resultant patch
nightmare it creates is probably the single largest liability of qmail.

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