On 2005-09-26, at 0105, rafael marcos bernardes wrote:
Im using freebsd 4.11+vpopmail 5.4.10+qmail 1.03[qmailqueue.patch and auth-jms1.4a.patch]. ...

the 4a patch is beyond ancient (the "jms1" in the filename is me.) you REALLY need to use something more recent. this web page describes the current version of my combined patch:


read the page and see which patches are included with it- you mention the qmailqueue patch, that's already in there. it may end up that my combined patch is the only patch you'll need, or you may need something different- but at least read the page and make an informed decision about it.

if you do go with my newer patch, you should also look at the "run.smtp.sslserver" script, which is a replacement for /service/ qmail-smtp/run... even if you end up not using the script itself, it documents how to set up a lot of the newer features in the patch.

When i try apply the chkuser 2.0.8b patch, ...

the current "6b" version of my combined patch includes the validrcptto.cdb patch, which means the chkuser patch is not needed.

PS: When i try compile without auth patch everything works fine, but dont send messages because the ausent patch.

again, the "auth patch" you're using is older than old. use something newer.

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