Bill Wichers wrote:

Right now maybe 1500-2000 or so users, and about 1.5 million messages/day.
This amount of load is handled pretty well by our current setup, but I
expect in the coming year to be well over 10k users and probably 6 times
the message volume, maybe more. We're rolling out a new fiber Internet
access product that includes email service for buisness, and I expect a
lot of new load from that.


1.5 million messages a day for 1500-2000 users ?

We have 30K+ users and only see about 10K an hour messages.

We use one MX server, one spamd server and two real qmail/vpopmail servers (one server handles one 20K+ domain and the other server handles about 100 domains with about 11K users).

We are in the process of switching over to a Netapps server with diskless MX, SA, and vpopmail servers, using MX records with the same weight for the incoming smtp servers.

Why is your incoming volume so high ?



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