> 1.5 million messages a day for 1500-2000 users ?
> We have 30K+ users and only see about 10K an hour messages.
> We use one MX server, one spamd server and two real qmail/vpopmail
> servers (one server handles one 20K+ domain and the other server handles
> about 100 domains with about 11K users).
> We are in the process of switching over to a Netapps server with
> diskless MX, SA, and vpopmail servers, using MX records with the same
> weight for the incoming smtp servers.
> Why is your incoming volume so high ?

Not always 1.5M/day, but usually in the 1M-1.5M/day range. We front-end
for a lot of customers that have their own mail servers, but want us to do
spam/virus filtering. This is especially important for the people running
MS Exchange servers that seem to have issues with virii. We also have a
lot of users that get a lot of spam, which I attribute mostly to having a
lot of domains that have been in service for 10+ years. I doubt we get
more than maybe 50k-100k messages per day that are actually "real"
(non-spam) messages. The trouble is that we tag, but don't block, most of
the spam since our customers don't want us to "maybe cost a sale" by
blocking something that shouldn't be blocked.

The spam/virus filtering isn't a big issue since it scales easily with
more servers and more MX entries in DNS, but the back-end mailstore server
with all the maildirs is more difficult to scale. Probably should have
mentioned that a lot of the inbound volume just goes from the MX to the
outbound box and then delivers to customer mail servers... The outbound
SMTP server also queues messages for any unreachable customer mail

I'm assuming you plan to use your Netapp box as a storage platform and
will have multiple servers mount it and handle the user load that way?


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