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From the qmailtap INSTALL file:

4) Done

To compile it you will at least need to change the error.h file
to include errno.h just after the ifdefs at the top of the file.

#include error.h

doesn't make sense. shouldn't the include line be

#include errno.h


you need angle brackets (i.e. "less than" and "greater than" signs) around the filename "errno.h".

an easier way to describe it is... find this line:

    extern int errno;

and replace it with these lines:

    /* extern int errno; */
    #include <errno.h>

and actually the first line, the one starting with /* and ending with */, is not really necessary. in C, /* starts a comment, and */ ends a comment... so if you were to remove the entire line instead of commenting it out, it ends up having the same effect.

this sed one-liner will do the job for any of djb's packages:

sed -i -e '/extern int errno/{s/^/\/* /;s/$/ *\//;G;s/$/#include <errno.h>/;}' error.h

and the fix is only necessary for systems using glibc-2.3 or newer... if you're using an older glibc, or not using glibc at all, you don't need to do it.

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