On Friday 30 September 2005 02:13 pm, Fred Dirkse - OIC Group, Inc. wrote:
> I'm hosting about 100 domains and we recently built a new box and moved
> the domains over to it (specs below).  Everything in general is working
> stellar, however, since we moved, our clients are getting random prompts
> for POP password.  Doesn't seem to be any pattern as to who or when.
> It'll be fine for a week, then one day they'll get several prompts for
> passwords.  99% have their password saved, and sometimes they can keep
> clicking to send the same password and it'll go through.  Sometimes not
> - they'll call me, I'll change the password (just reset to what it was
> originally), and it works.  For those that have their clients always on
> and set to automatically check every X mintues, they will return from
> being away and find the prompt or a failed message, myself included.
> I see nothing in the logs that shed a light as to what is going on.
> My concurrency is 100, with both POP3 and SMTP maxing out at about 25 at
> the busiest of times.
> Any advice or pointing in the right direction is appreciated.

> Gentoo, 2.6.11
> qmail - 1.03-r16

this isn't qmail.

> vpopmail-5.4.6-r1

this is a hacked up version of vpopmail.

we can't be sure that gentoo's changes aren't breaking anything, since they 
change a lot of stuff.

Please remove your gentoo qmail installation and follow www.lifewithqmail.org.  
After that, you can install vpopmail by following the README file included in 
the source distribution.


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