If you look in the archives about a year ago I sent a patch which
applied against one of the 5.4.x releases which enabled shared library
building and linked against it. This also worked for linking courier,
qmail, etc against the shared object. It may or may not apply cleanly to
the latest stable, and at this point I'm too busy to pick it back up and
maintain it.
Hope that helps,

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> Any suggestions? How create shared library.
> And why it's not happens by default =)
> Rick Widmer wrote:
> > Dmitriy MiksIr wrote:
> >
> >> Hello.
> >> When i make changes in libvpopmail and recompile it, i must
> >> all packages, which use this lib (as courier-aithlib, qmailadmin)?
> >
> > Yes.
> >
> >

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