Something very strange : when a user (being tapped) sends a mail to a
 forward (defined via qmailadmin) the mailbox where the tap points receives
 two copies of the mail. The destination mailbox where the forward points,
 is NOT being tapped and receives only one copy. I canĀ“t understand why
 this is happening.

 Also, if I via qmailadmin forward the mailbox receiving the taps to
 another mailbox, this one NOT being tapped, leaving a local copy (I didn't
 try not leaving a copy yet), the server enters an endless loop with these
 two last mailboxes being filled with the mail thousands of times.

 Did anyone see this problem before ?

The tap is applied to each email going through the queue.
Normally forwards cause the email to go back through the queue.
That is probably why you are getting a second copy.

You can create a mail loop. I suggest your tap address not be forwarded.

Ken Jones

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