James Longstreet wrote:
I'm running a qmail/vpopmail/ezmlm setup with about 15 lists, all with
different administrators/moderators.  Qmailadmin is great for me to use,
but the list moderators don't have a web interface to manage subscribers,
etc.  Is it possible to have qmailadmin allow other users to administrate
mailing lists?  Otherwise, what is the best option for such an interface?
One that is in Gentoo's Portage tree would be ideal, but not strictly

James Longstreet
ACM @ UIC Sysadmin

In this situation ezmlm-MySQL is your friend. We setup a webpage with access to the SQL tables for ezmlm and allow the list admin to add, remove, update users from the list. They also get a report on what users have failed probes so they can re-add the users corrected email.

I'd throw you an example but, each one is added to the clients intra pages in a unique way. It's not difficult to do in perl or php. Rails would be a slam dunk if you use it already.


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