On Wed, 19 Oct 2005, DAve wrote:

> In this situation ezmlm-MySQL is your friend. We setup a webpage with
> access to the SQL tables for ezmlm and allow the list admin to add,
> remove, update users from the list. They also get a report on what users
> have failed probes so they can re-add the users corrected email.
> I'd throw you an example but, each one is added to the clients intra
> pages in a unique way. It's not difficult to do in perl or php. Rails
> would be a slam dunk if you use it already.

I think I'm going to do this, probably in Rails.  How feasible is it to
move to ezmlm-mysql?  Are there any docs other than the ones I found on

I need to move everything over to mysql, then I'm thinking I'll start a
formal project.  So I guess you could construe this as a "who's with me"

James Longstreet

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