James Longstreet wrote:
On Wed, 19 Oct 2005, DAve wrote:

In this situation ezmlm-MySQL is your friend. We setup a webpage with
access to the SQL tables for ezmlm and allow the list admin to add,
remove, update users from the list. They also get a report on what users
have failed probes so they can re-add the users corrected email.

I'd throw you an example but, each one is added to the clients intra
pages in a unique way. It's not difficult to do in perl or php. Rails
would be a slam dunk if you use it already.

I think I'm going to do this, probably in Rails.  How feasible is it to
move to ezmlm-mysql?  Are there any docs other than the ones I found on

If you are using ezmlm-idx, very easy. Read INSTALL.idx, item 5, RDBM support. Once you reconfigure and reinstall ezmlm you will be able to create SQL based lists. Note that the behavior of your old lists will not be affected, they will continue to use files for subscriber addresses etc. You can upgrade existing lists to use SQL via

ezmlm-make -+ -6 host:port:user:password:database:table

You would then need to to populate the table with the contents of your current subscriber list. In the past I have done that by running

ezmlm-list path_to_list > subscribers.txt

*prior* to enabling SQL support. Use the generated subscriber list to populate the table *after* you have created the database. ezmlm has a tool to generate the needed SQL for database creation, see ezmlm-mktab.

Overall it is pretty simple. I'd get on the ezmlm list, it is low traffic, and Charles and Bruce answer intelligent questions promptly.

I need to move everything over to mysql, then I'm thinking I'll start a
formal project.  So I guess you could construe this as a "who's with me"

If only I could, I have the Rails book, built the sample apps, built a demo hack to manage our SQL for vpopmail, spamassassin, and ezmlm. That was six months ago and I haven't gotten back to it. If I do anything in my spare time it will be smtp-auth client setup instructions.

Good luck.


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