Hi guys, this question is not related to vpopmail, but since there are a lot of wise people here, let me ask this. (and maybe some people would benefit from this thread too)

Does someone out there know if there is a good POP3/SMTP proxy server implementing the following feature: - It doesn't let the local SMTP/POP3 traffic to cross the dial-up/internet link. I'll explain bellow what I mean with that:

Suppose I have a qmail+vpopmail mail server in my headquarter office in New York, being the MX0 for the domain newyork.com. In that office I have, say, 200 e-mail accounts @newyork.com.

But in Allentown-PA, I have a big office, with 150 people using e-mails @newyork.com. Since their internet link is very slow, I don't want they using the mailserver in New York whenever an employee at Allentown send an e-mail for other employee in Allentown.

Instead, I want a POP3 proxy server integrated with SMTP, that could prevent the messages internal to Allentown to cross the internet link. I'd like the proxy server to keep the local messages right there in Allentown.

Does someone know a product like that?

Thank you,
Bruno Negrao - Network Manager
Engepel Teleinformática. 55-31-34812311
Belo Horizonte, MG, Brazil

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