Put 1000 or so lines of data in a file and see  :)

You could probably write a script that would add say through and then run tcprules against it and see how long it


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> Subject: [vchkpw] How expensive is reloading the tcp.smtp.cdb?
> Related to my earlier post, how expensive is it - 
> resource-wise - to reload a tcp.smtp file of 100-1000 lines?
> If I have processing that is updating tcp.smtp every 5-10 
> minutes and I choose to reload the cdb from that tcp.smtp, is 
> that a bad idea?
> The "qmailctl cdb" command runs very fast for me now, but I 
> don't have any idea what impact it has on any smtpd instances 
> having to restart or re-read.
> Anyone know?

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