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If I upgrade vpopmail from an earlier version (say from the same mainline eg from 5.4.10 to 5.4.13), than I have to recompile qmail - it is using Bill Shupp's 0.8 patch - if it is using chkuser ? What other programs is requiring recocmpilation if there is version change. (courier imap ? courier authdaemon ?) Whati is the current status of domain quotas ? Still unusuable ? (or There is light at the end of the tunnel ?) Regards, Peter


courier, qmail-admin, netqmail, anything else that uses libvpopmail (that's about it I think)

Domain Quotas are not going to happen anytime soon I think, the over head of calculating the quota for a domain of 20K users is just too much. If you really need domain quotas, use a separate user for each domain and use system quotas. Of course you will then have to run qmail-smtpd as root.

That's what we do here for those domains that need it.



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