Hi guys!!!

I´m new in this list and had subscribed here for some help.

Yes, i read all msg of this list about my thougth.

I have a Linux box Fedora core 3, mounted with Qmailrocks "cake guide"
vpopmail 5.4.9, qmailadmin 1.2.3, courier-authlib-0.57,
courier-imap-4.0.6, squirrelmail-1.4.5, this configuration works well,
but every day I had to reboot the machine because sundely the
authentication stops, and nothing i do for restart the processes to
recover this thing is valid.

Simplily the authentications stop, and only rebooting the machine i get
to recover the things to normal. No logging messages are register for

Somebody had this problem too? Know the solution for this?

Please excuse me my poor english, and i hope my problem is clear.

thanks in advance.


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