Juan Enciso wrote:
Hello List.

I'm worried because my migration scheme is giving problems. My
migration plan was use rsync for transfer all user's mailbox, but it
don't work because my directory tree is very big. I have around 50K
maildir directory (110 GB approx).
I checked the rsync documentation and I note that it have memory
problems with big directory tree (It use a lot of memory and it does
shutdown my server).
I need transfer all the maildirs without turn off the mail service or
in any case, the time off of service should be short, for that reason
I did think use rsync, because it could make incremental copy.

Please, somebody know others alternative to rsync?


Use rsync but with a script file that limits the number of files it does per pass.


rsync vpopmail/domain.com/0 remote.example.com::vpopmail/domain.com/0

rsync vpopmail/domain.com/Z remote.example.com::vpopmail/domain.com/Z



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