On 2005-10-29, at 1623, Ingo Claro wrote:
but if you install many qmails in different directories (/var/qmail,
/var/qmail2, ...) you can have multiple queues.

i understand that. i also understand (from direct experience) that it's an administrative nightmare, and it's a lot more work than he needs to do in order to solve the underlying problem.

the point of my original answer was that setting up multiple queues is not the best solution for the problem that he's having. a much better solution is to raise the concurrencyremote value, which will create more delivery slots, making it less likely that any one domain's messages would exhaust all of the delivery slots before the normal tcpto mechanism decides to blacklist the non-responsive IP address for an hour (which is why all of the other domains' mail is stopping on his server.)

but you seem to be an expert on this. rather than trying to sell me on the idea (you won't, because i don't really care- it's not my server) why don't you answer the original question? explain to him, in terms he will understand, how to successfully get two or more copies of qmail running on the same machine. i'm sure he's waiting for somebody to do just that, and i'm not going to do it because i don't think it's the right solution for his problem.

this way handling different "priority queues"
depending on the domain...
for example domain1 and domain2 goes to qmail2 and all the rest to qmail3.

out of curiosity, how would you set the relative "priority" of each instance of qmail-send in relation to the others? what makes one queue "move faster" than the others?

and if the idea is to have a separate queue for each domain in order to prevent one domain's mail from interfering with another domain's deliveries, what is your answer for an ISP whose mail server handles mail for thousands of domains- would you have them set up a separate instance of qmail for each domain, so that each domain would have their own queue?

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