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hi together,

does anybody know a way to convert mails and accounts from vmailmgr to
vpopmail?  i already searched the archive and google without any result.





I'm currently in the same situation and am looking for feedback in the
same area.

So far as I have planned it out, I have come up with this steps:

1) Create the domains using the vpopmail script
2) Create mailboxes through vpopmail script of all the mailboxes in
vmailmgr.   Once the mailboxes are created, replace the password
strings in vpopmail with the password strings (md5 or crypt) that were
in vmailmgr.  Then copy the contents of mailbox from vmailmgr to
vpopmail (understanding a little change in the directory structure).
3) Aliases ... can just use .qmail-<alias> when moving over.

This is the way I was thinking might work since I don't have a second
machine to put vpopmail on and then transfer everything that way.  If
anybody has any thoughts on problems/concerns/pointers I would greatly
appreciate it.



If you use the -e option to vadduser, you should be able to pass in the
encrypted password.

Tom Collins  -  [EMAIL PROTECTED]


I have a python script which helped me with the conversion. But its only
in a undocumented just-worked-for-me state. I can post it if someone is
interested, but merely as a pointer to what needs to be done as a
working script.

It reads the informationen from listvdomain and starts the vpopmail
scripts with this infos.

If I remeber correctly, I had to patch listvdomain to also print out the
md5-password, but then you can use the -e option of vadduser.



Thanks for those tidbits, fellows...but I would like to consult with you for any further experiences/scripts/anything regarding this type of migration.

Here's the background...I'm replacing our existing stand-alone servers with a cluster backed by vpopmail+mysql replication. With that solution engineered, the next step is figuring out how to incur 'zero customer impact' - aka flawless (I pray) migration.

The above poster mentions a patch to listvdomains that echo's the hashed password. That would be fantastic, as it could easily be fed into vadduser -e $whatever, creating the accounts and maildirs in a flash...I could then rsync the mail over until the actual cutover takes place. Or move dns...smtproutes on old box -> new box...sticky-bit...tar...scp...untar...fix perms...

Does anyone have any experiences to share ?

Thanks for any help, guys.

-- aichains

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