On 2005-10-30, at 1033, aichains wrote:
Resurrecting previous post that I found on MARC:

does anybody know a way to convert mails and accounts from vmailmgr to
vpopmail? i already searched the archive and google without any result.

I'm currently in the same situation and am looking for feedback in the
same area.

So far as I have planned it out, I have come up with this steps:

1) Create the domains using the vpopmail script
2) Create mailboxes through vpopmail script of all the mailboxes in
vmailmgr.   Once the mailboxes are created, replace the password
strings in vpopmail with the password strings (md5 or crypt) that were
in vmailmgr.  Then copy the contents of mailbox from vmailmgr to
vpopmail (understanding a little change in the directory structure).

after changing the vpasswd file, remember to run "vmkpasswd" to rebuild the vpasswd.cdb file (which is what vpopmail actually uses.)

and if the old and new systems are on the same machine, instead of copying the files you should be able to move them. you'll save disk space and save time. just make sure you do it on a mailbox-by-mailbox basis rather than a domain-by-domain basis.

also be aware that if you have enough domains, or enough mailboxes within any one domain, vpopmail may start "hashing" directory entries (i.e. instead of "~vpopmail/domains/domain.xyz", it may create "~vpopmail/domains/0/domain.xyz".) after creating the domain your script can run "vdominfo -d domain.xyz" to find the physical directory for the domain, regardless of whether it was hashed or not... and "vuserinfo -d [EMAIL PROTECTED]" will give you the physical directory for a user's mailbox, again regardless of hashing. make sure you write your scripts to use these commands to locate the directories instead of assuming that vpopmail will always use the same directory structure.

3) Aliases ... can just use .qmail-<alias> when moving over.

i know nothing about vmailmgr... i would imagine it handles aliases the same way vpopmail does, but if the physical structure of a user's mailbox changes, any .qmail-* file which points to a physical Maildir may need to have its patch adjusted to match the physical location created by vpopmail. for example, if the domain has enough users to trigger user hashing, you may have to change a line like "./user/ Maildir/" to say "./0/user/Maildir/" instead, depending on where that user's directory was created in relation to the domain directory.

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