> who owns the .qmail file? do u use mysql as backend? there is not enough info 
> in your email.
> Remo

I do not use mysql. Please let me know what other info you need.

As noted in my original email, regarding the .qmail files:

> > It does not matter where the .qmail file is located. Some examples:
> > /home/vpopmail/domains/naxum.com/.qmail-frederick
> > /var/rep/data/backoffice.gonewnetmail.com/qmailalias/.qmail-achievers
> > /var/qmail/alias/.qmail-fred
> >
> > Each of the above .qmail files contains "&[EMAIL PROTECTED]" on a single 
> > line, nothing else in the file.
> >
> > Each of the above files, and the directory they are in, are owned, 
> > respectively, by:
> > vpopmail:vchkpw
> > gonewnetmail:mailgroup
> > root:qmail

The only domain that is handled by vpopmail, for the examples above, is 
naxum.com. So let's deal with just that one.

I have added naxum.com to the vpopmail with vadddomain.

vpopmail put "naxum.com:naxum.com" into virtualdomains, and the relevant entry 
into users/assign. Email to users added with vadduser
are delivered properly.

It is my understanding that any .qmail files, matching the user name in an 
incoming email, in /home/vpopmail/domains/naxum.com will
be used before the delivery instructions in .qmail-default. That is what is NOT 

Here is a dir listing of /home/vpopmail/domains/naxum.com
drwx------   10 vpopmail vchkpw       4096 Oct 30 17:17 .
drwx------    7 vpopmail vchkpw       4096 Oct 24 22:24 ..
-rw-r--r--    1 vpopmail vchkpw         34 Oct 22 15:18 .dir-control
drwx------    3 vpopmail vchkpw       4096 May 28 08:47 fred
drwx------    3 vpopmail vchkpw       4096 May 28 08:46 postmaster
-rw-------    1 vpopmail vchkpw         55 May 28 08:46 .qmail-default
-rw-------    1 vpopmail vchkpw         21 Oct 30 17:17 .qmail-frederick
-rw-------    1 vpopmail vchkpw        843 Oct 20 11:07 vpasswd
-rw-------    1 vpopmail vchkpw       3067 Oct 20 11:07 vpasswd.cdb
-rw-------    1 vpopmail vchkpw          0 Oct 20 11:07 .vpasswd.lock

Email sent to [EMAIL PROTECTED] is fine. Email sent to [EMAIL PROTECTED] seems 
to vaporize. The file .qmail-frederick contains the
single line "&[EMAIL PROTECTED]" (without the double quotes) which, based on my 
understanding, means that email to
[EMAIL PROTECTED] should be forwarded to [EMAIL PROTECTED] That does not happen.

The file .qmail-default contains the single line "| 
/home/vpopmail/bin/vdelivermail '' bounce-no-mailbox" (without the double

Please let me know what other information will help you help me.


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