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Question is:

I have to recompile, if I only change some function in vpopmail ? The
version remains the same, only for example, logging change from p to v. I really have to recompile courier-atuthlib if I change vpopmail option
enable-sql-logging ?

i would... if other packages were statically linked with libvpopmail, then if the library changes the other programs need to be at least re- linked. however, since most Makefiles don't have a "relink" option, your best option is "make clean && make && make install" for these other programs.

of course, if libvpopmail were a shared library and you had linked courier-authlib to the shared library, then as long as the API hadn't changed you would be okay.

but since it does statically link, i would say to re-compile everything that uses libvpopmail. note that if you're using the "chkuser" patch for qmail, you also need to re-compile qmail as well (which is my biggest objection to the chkuser patch- qmail shouldn't have to be rebuilt every time you upgrade vpopmail.)

also be careful- for some programs "make clean" removes the configuration information and you may have to re-run the "./ configure" command again as well.

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