On Tue, 2005-11-08 at 10:38 -0600, Ken Jones wrote:
> Darrel O'Pry wrote:
> > any updates on the availability of vpopmail with a SA aware
> > vdelivermail? I still haven't found the code for it although its
> > mentioned both in the wiki and vuserinfo.c...
> > 
> Hey,
> Sorry about the delay in answering. I was waiting until
> we got our site migrated to our new colocation provider.
> http://www.inter7.com/vpopmail/vpopmail-5.5.1.tar.gz
> Or from the vhostadmin page:
> http://www.inter7.com/vhostadmin/vpopmail-5.5.3.tar.gz
> The difference between the two is the 5.5.3 has development
> vpopmaild code.
> The plan is to integrate the spamassassin code into the
> production version. Anyone want to work on that?
> Ken Jones

ack. migration. I hate those.. I'm probably going to be doing that next
month.. The quest for more bandwidth less money. :).

integrate the spamassassin code into 5.4? I may be able to work on it
this weekend, I have to finish up some web development for the remainder
of the week, but I need to modify it anyway to work with my spamassassin


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