What SO  are you using? If it is a  Fedora Core update the gamin version.

This happen with me last month. It was hard to find a answer, but in some
other list I found this solution and it´s work.

Em 19/11/2005, "Oliver Lehmann" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> escreveu:

>Tom Collins wrote:
>> Upgrade to vpopmail 5.4.13, it addresses your problem by compiling
>> libvpopmail with -fPIC option.
>If that is the only fix, I already applied this.
>> It appears you've already done that though, so I'm not sure what it
>> could be at that point.  Do you have some sort of softlimit on courier
>> that could be causing problem?
>No, I've the same configuration running on an FreeBSD/alpha and it works
>there w/o problems.
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