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Fairly new to Qmail here. Just trying to find my way around. I've come across multiple problems after setting it up. So let me start with one of the more simple ones.

On my Outlook, I have a distribution list of 40 people. All addresses are internal addresses. When i attempt to send mail to all these people, I get the following errors:

571 sorry, you are violating our security policies (#5.7.1 -
chkuser )

571 sorry, reached maximum number of recipients for one session (#5.7.1 -
chkuser )

Is there somewhere in the config files that allows me to disable this 'policy'?
my file /etc/tcp.smtp

Here you see which are your limits enabled.

You can either:
        cut these variables from tcp.smtp (at least in the internal zone)
        increase these limits.
        disable #define CHKUSER_RCPT_LIMIT_VARIABLE and CHKUSER_WRONGRCPT_LIMIT_VARIABLE and recompile qmail-smtpd.

I suggest you to not apply the third one, and try a solution with the first two.

More, I suggest you to disable chkuser on internal relaying, and use it only on external SMTP acceptance.


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