Never allow relay.  Only allow  (localhost) to send email using SMTP.  when your users authenicate the message will relay from localhost and not their IP address.  This also prevents servers from using your SMTP server to route messages through it.

When SMTP auth is enabled, you will need to configure your email client like outlook, outlooke express etc MY SERVER REQUIRES AUTHENICATION for the outbound SMTP server settings.

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Dear All,

ok i know how to force users to provide username and password(ofcourse
using jms's patch) for sending mail but what about the servers on the
internet how they'll send mails to this server can i excluded say any ip
to not be authenticated.



On Sat, November 26, 2005 3:13 am, Jimmy said:
Dear All,

How can i force my users to provide username and password for sending
mails also.I have installed the Auth patch but dont have a clue how to
force it.


The qmail toaster patch on will do the trick,

You can also take a look at John Simpson's site:



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