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Cristiano Deana wrote:
is 'vpopmaild' project still open?
I have seen from cvs vpopmaild.c file hasn't been modified since dec 2004, why?
And php => vpopmaild?

Yep. It's still active. Last week I started a vpopmaild documentation page.

first, where can i download the code?

second, is there an official spec for the protocol? the wiki shows "\n \r" as the line endings for client->server commands, but "<crlf>" as the line endings for server->client responses... hopefully this is just a typo and the line endings for client commands are actually \r \n, since that's what a standard "telnet" command sends when the user hits ENTER and would allow for users to manually telnet to a vpopmaild service and issue commands to test.

third, hopefully this is a separate program from vpopmail itself, and uses the standard API for libvpopmail. this will allow people (like myself) who are interested in getting vpopmaild working to do so without having to wait for the rest of vpopmail, and allow the vpopmail core developers to not have to worry about vpopmaild at the same time they're worrying about everything else. as long as the API doesn't change, vpopmaild can be (and IMHO should be) a separate program.

and a suggestion: how about adding a "exists [EMAIL PROTECTED]" command, which would check whether the address is "deliverable" (meaning it exists as a mailbox, an alias, a ".qmail- mailbox" file in the domain's directory, or the domain has a ".qmail- default" file which doesn't contain "bounce-no-mailbox") and return a yes/no answer of some kind... and that one command would not require a valid login to use.

where this is all going... i would like to write a patch for qmail- smtpd which would use vpopmaild to replace both the need for an AUTH handler to fork/exec a checkpassword program, and my own "validrcptto.cdb" patch (which rejects mail sent to non-existent mailboxes, uses a cdb file containing every valid email address on the system, and correctly handles "-default" aliases... http:// qmail.jms1.net/patches/validrcptto.cdb.shtml has more information about the patch.)

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