On Dec 2, 2005, at 7:15 PM, FX wrote:
I noticed that vpopmail 5.4.13 was marked stable and in my limited testing, it seems to work fine. Are there any problems with 5.4.13 that we should know about before rolling it out into production servers?

The only significant problem is that vdelivermail seems to be ignoring the "delete all mail" option in users' .qmail files. That's fixed in the stable-5_4 branch of CVS.

Also, what is the rough estimate of the release date for vpopmail 5.4.14?

Within the next two weeks? Someone just posted a patch to allow integration of vpopmaild into the 5.4 branch, something that a few people have asked for. I've also received some other patches to integrate. I can try to get a release out within a week.

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