Hello hbeaumont,

can you write bash-shell scripts then use this:
1) make an alias of every new "virtual" mailaccount by this:
Under   /home/vpopmail/domains/.0../the_regarding_domainname.de:
2) #>     echo
" > .qmail-the_name_of_the_account_you_want_to_alias
                        and the postmaster account you make him catchall,
like this -has to be done only once:
3) # >    echo "| /home/vpopmail/bin/vdelivermail ''
/home/vpopmail/domains/0/the_regarding_domainname.de/postmaster" >

If you want to script it, do this:
3 a b)
for a in `ls /home/vpopmail/domains/` ; do if [ -d
/home/vpopmail/domains/$a ]; then echo
"/home/vpopmail/domains/.0../$a/postmaster/Maildir/" >
echo "| /home/vpopmail/bin/vdelivermail ''
/home/vpopmail/domains/0/$a/postmaster" > .qmail-default; fi
#### end of for  do done

That´s all, Hope to help from merry old germany ...
Oliver Etzel
Hostmaster www.domainfex.de
now Tomcat - Serving

> Hi,

> Does anyone know of a command line tool to set a user's catch-all (to
> postmaster)

> I realize I can just cat a file to the .qmail-default file but I need to
> it for every user
> on the server. The postmaster redirect needs to he users domain/path in it
> so I can't just
> cat a template file to each user.

> Idealy I want something to fit with:

> find /home/vpopmail/domains -name ".qmail-default" -exec magic_script_here
> {} \'

> where magic_script_here can replace the current .qmail-default with one
> sets the catchall to postmaster.

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