Nicklas Bondesson wrote:
On Thursday 08 December 2005 17:26, Nicklas Bondesson wrote:

Is there a clean way of overriding vpopmail's default behavior of using the users/assign and virtualdomains files when

using the mysql
backend to lookup user and domain data?

I would like to add/remove users and domains "on-the-fly"
without the hassle of manipulating and distributing those files among our mailservers.

users/assign and virtualdomains are only modified when you add or remove domains.

adding / removing users simply updates your database backend (be it mysql, cdb, etc).

Do i have to wait for vpopmaild? I guess it will handle

this as well.

vpopmaild just uses library calls, addodmain in vpopmaild does the exact same thing as bin/vadddomain :)


Could someone get me in the right direction on adding domains "on-the-fly".
There has to be people on this list with a similar need. To add domains
directly in the mysql tables?

There are others, I would like it as well. I've looked at and considered trying to merge it with vpopmail. Unfortunately the resulting mail server would be such a red-headed stepchild I don't think I would be able to get help anywhere if it had problems. So pending my learning C, no further Sober outbreaks, no further network upgrades, NOC moves, etc, etc. I may get a chance to play with that on a test box, someday.

I actually think a merging of netqmail+qmail-mysql+vpopmail-mysql into one server would be a good thing. With a complete mysql backend, smtp-auth, Bill Shupp's maildrop/spamc patch, and qmail-tap, I would be a happy camper.



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