I converted from cdb to mysql a while back and I just now noticed an
oddity.  My understanding of vpopmail before was that it would
automatically do directory hashing based on the number of domains and/or
accounts.  When we switched over from cdb to mysql authentication about
2 years ago it seems to have stopped doing it at a domain level.  I
didn't really notice until now because I just haven't paid close enough
attention to the number of domains we have added during that time.  I
seem to remember something about the directory hashing breaking during
the conversion from a post a long time ago but I don't recal.  I've used
the 'vcdir' program from the contrib directory but that only seems to
convert specific domains.
We were using vpopmail 5.3.x (don't remember the specific version) at
the time we converted and are currently running 5.4.10.  Can anybody
help shed some light on the issue?



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