Thanks a lot, I found below statements:

#! /bin/sh
# Generated automatically by configure.
# Run this file to recreate the current configuration.
# This directory was configured as follows,
# on host localhost.localdomain:
# ./configure  --enable-roaming-users=n
# Compiler output produced by configure, useful for debugging
# configure, is in ./config.log if it exists.

in the /usr/local/src/qinstall/vpopmail-5.2/config.status

the questions are:
1. Is it safe for me to run ./configure --enable-roaming-users=n   for
upgrading to vpopmail-5.4 ?
2. Do I have chance to roolback to vpopmail-5.2 if something happen? .. if
so how to rollback ..

I need advise

thanks a lot in advance


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On Thursday 22 December 2005 04:50 pm, Winanjaya - wrote:
> I installed qmail+vpopmail-5.2+sqwebmail+qmailadmin+ucspi_tcp instantly by
> using qinstall tools..

bad idea.  You should follow and then read vpopmail's
INSTALL file.  Anywho, you've already shot yourself in the foot, so let's
if we can't bandage your wound.

> Now I want to upgrade vpopmail-5.2 to vpopmail-5.4, I am afraid whether
> mailboxes will gone or not?

vpopmail is a set of tools that helps with creating and administering
domains with qmail.  upgrading to a newer version simply upgrades the tools

> or I don't know what configuration parameter should I use?

if you still have your old vpopmail source around (you DO still have your
sources around, right?) then take a look at config.status to see what you
for your ./configure.  Also, this points out another problem with using
installation tools and 'toasters' *shudder* in that you end up not knowing
what you have on your system.

the new version of vpopmail will yell at you if you try to use configuration
options that have been obsoleted, and will point you in the direction of the
new versions of those configuration options.

> what's the best safe step for upgrading to vpopmail-5.4?

./configure && make && make install

however, that might not work for you, if say.. you're using mysql, etc.  Of
course, you should know how your system is set up, so that should be
obvious :)


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