> Rick Macdougall wrote:
>>> Thanks for the response. Im installing the system from scratch so the
>>> question is, is 5.5.3 all I need? Is it the complete vpopmail software?
> If it is from CVS on SourceForge...
> Yes it is complete.  It is well tested with cdb, lightly tested with
> MySQL and untested with all other authentication modules, although I
> have attempted to keep them consistent with the changes made.
> If you see any problems - let me know, preferably on the sourceforge
> vpopmail-devel list.
> Rick

So why does vpopmail have the latest stable version as 5.4.13, which was
recently released in October, yet have a version 5.5.3 which was released
back in March as dev? Thats where Im getting confused.


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