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Though the /home/vpopmail/domains directory is there with the domains, it's not seeing the domains and is looking for the assign file. How do I recreate the assigns file? Do I do it manually? How do I recreate the vpasswd file(s) properly so that I can log in and get the mail?

Manually create the assigns file, entry for example.com is as follows:


Replace 89:89 with the uid and gid of the vpopmail user. Set the correct path to example.com as well.

Make sure the last line of users/assign is just a ".".

Run qmail-newu.

You'll also want to make sure that the domains are in rcpthosts (or morercpthosts, but you'll have to run qmail-newmrh). Also put them in virtualdomains (format for virtualdomains entries: "example.com:example.com").

Restart qmail after making all of those additions, to be sure it's re-read the files.

Another option, if have less than 100 domains (where they're all in the vpopmail/domains directory, and not in vpopmail/domains/0). Rename vpopmail/domains to something else and create an empty domains directory. Use ~vpopmail/bin/vadddomain to add all of the domains. Delete the newly created domains directory, and swap your backed up directory in its place.

Good luck.

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