I'm not positive that this is a vpopmail issue, but am leaning more towards vpopmail than qmail. Perhaps it is a known issue, but I haven't been able to get any decent search results for it.

When the .qmail-default file is set to bounce, mail for accounts with or without a .qmail-user file works fine.

But when I set a catchall account in the .qmail-default file, if an account doesn't have a .qmail-user file, messages destined for that account are sent to the catchall account.

And when I delete the .qmail-default file outright, accounts that don't have a .qmail file bounce mail destined for them, and work if the .qmail- file routes mail to their Maildir/

So overall, if the .qmail-defaul file is set to anything other than bounce or delete, accounts need a .qmail-user file to be able to receive mail.

I upgraded to the latest 5.4.13 version and observed the same behavior.

Has anyone seen this before?

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