> On Jan 5, 2006, at 12:38 PM, Joshua Megerman wrote:
>> Please let me know if you {like|dislike|don't understand|other} these
>> patches, and if you have any questions/suggestions for them.
> Those patches sound good.  When I get back from my vacation this week,
> and have caught up on other work, I'll be sure to incorporate them into
> the upcoming 5.4.14 release.
Wow - I wasn't expecting to just have them accepted without debate :)

I do think that the bigdir-backfill patch (and the dirlimits patch if you
like it) should be ported to other auth backends, but I really don't have
the experience (or time) to do those myself.  Let me know if you find any
issues with them.

Joshua Megerman
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