hello all,

Till now i was having 2 (A and B) machines. A is a db server,having
pgsql as the database. my vpopmail db is on this machine. B is having
the qmr installation and vpopmail access user data from machine A on
network. (hardcoded the DSN in vpgsql.h)

now i am configuring the 3rd machine 'C'. i need qmr on that machine
but vpopmail should access the existing db on 'B'. can two vpopmail
installation on two differnet machines share the same db on network ?

i am having vpopmail-5.4.9, qmail-1.03 with jms 5e patch on RH8 on 'B'
and insalling FC3 on 'C' with qmr-2.2.0


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