John Simpson wrote:
On 2006-01-04, at 1229, Rick Macdougall wrote:
Michl wrote:
Hi all, i need to setup a configuration backup for all my vpopmail domains, vpopmail
settings, and qmail settings.
What are the files I need to store in my backup to get a quickly disaster

For qmail


you forgot /var/qmail/alias/* ... also necessary for a "full backup" of qmail settings. has a more complete list, including equivalent lists for vpopmail, courier-authlib, and courier-imap... as well as a list of the userid's and group id's which must be identical on the original server and on any server to which you plan to restore these files.

And both of us and the Wiki forgot to mention that if you are using mysql,postgres, ldap etc as a backend, you'll need to back that up as well.


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