On Jan 16, 2006, at 11:30 PM, John Simpson wrote:
i'm wondering about vpopmaild... i plan on writing a patch for qmail-smtpd which will make it connect to vpopmaild in order to handle the AUTH command (basically try to "login" and use the "+" or "-" response to approve or deny the AUTH command.) my questions are:

- how close are we to seeing vpopmaild as a "live" program, either included with vpopmail, or released as its own package (to be compiled after vpopmail has already been installed, so it uses whatever version of libvpopmail is already on the system?)

It's in 5.5.3 on Inter7's web site, and I'm trying to find a little bit of time to get it into 5.4.14. I might just try to get it out this morning.

I haven't been involved in the development of vpopmaild, but I believe that a few of the developers are using it on production servers. It might be better to package it separately from the main vpopmail distribution, that way it could be updated on its own as necessary, and be used with any version of vpopmail (as long as the changes don't require updates to the libvpopmail API).

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