On Jan 19, 2006, at 12:59 PM, Jorge Valdes wrote:
I am still using an older version, but the problem is with the use of "warn" in the "r_mkdir" routine more or less lines 1822 & 1830. It will compile if you change the format from "warn ('xxx')" to "fprintf (stderr, 'xxx');" a format also used in line 1833. I checked, and err.h is available for Linux, but not for Solaris.

I don't have a patch, but could make one for you if you really need it, or better yet, if the maintainers could roll back to using fprintf to stderr for compatibility's sake?

I guess I could add conditionals to only use warn if it's available. It's better than just fprintf, because it will append a string that describes the actual error (from looking up errno).

I'll throw this on the heap for the next update. In the mean time, I guess you'll have to hand-modify the code.

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