I have recently inherited a qmail server. This server is utilizing
vpopmail version: 5.4.6 and MySQL Ver 4.0.25. We are currently suffering
from the problem mentioned here:
http://marc.theaimsgroup.com/?l=vchkpw&m=108925077224259&w=2 and
id=85937&atid=577798. The problem is that a 550 is being returned if the
database is inaccessible. I have modified the my.cnf so that this rarely
happens now. However I do not want to send a 550 when the database is
unavailable. I see in many posts that there is a fix. I have looked
through the changelogs for each of the releases and have not seen
anything that says that it fixes this issue specifically. Can someone
let me know if this issue has been resolved, and if so, in which very
was it fixed.

Thank You!

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