On Friday 03 February 2006 10:35, Oliver Etzel - GoodnGo.COM (R) wrote:
> that is easy done with the configuration of the .qmail - file with is in
> the directory under:
> /home/vopopmail/domains/domail.com/user1/.qmail <-
> Open this file, e.g. with vi like this:
> # vi  /home/vopopmail/domains/domail.com/user1/.qmail
> and add the following line :
> # /usr/bin/vpopmailctl restart

1) you don't need to restart anything to update a .qmail file
2) what is 'vpopmailctl' actually controlling?  Aside from vpopmaild (which 
has no need to be restarted unless you recompile it) what of vpopmail do you 
actually need to restart?


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