On Saturday 04 February 2006 23:47, John Simpson wrote:
> just a quick question. i'm maintaining the monster combined patch that
> "qmailrocks" has adopted, and over the past few months i've been hammered
> with questions about using QUEUE_EXTRA. apparently it works with older
> versions of my combined patch, but since i added the ext_todo patch (which
> solves the "silly qmail syndrome" by splitting qmail-send into two
> programs- "qmail-todo" which classifies messages as "local" or "remote",
> and "qmail-send" which schedules deliveries) people are saying that it
> doesn't work.

I don't see why it wouldn't.  the QUEUE_EXTRA just modifies the qmail.c 
interface (which is used by all qmail programs that queue mail, including 
ezmlm and fastforward, etc.) to add an extra recipient to the message.

> i'm thinking about possibly including the qmailtap patch in my combined
> patch file. however, the biggest problem i've seen from people using
> QUEUE_EXTRA is that they set up loops when they try to send the copies to
> a remote address, and because the copy has to traverse the queue, it gets
> logged and sent to the monitor address... and THAT copy gets logged, and
> so forth...

that's not a problem with QUEUE_EXTRA, that's a problem with the person not 
reading how to properly use QUEUE_EXTRA.  Adding 'loop detection' code into 
this drastically complicates the process and doesn't add any real value.


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