> On Monday 06 February 2006 11:57, tonix (Antonio Nati) wrote:
>> At 20.31 06/02/2006, you wrote:
>> >Thanks for your answer Tonino, i take that solution in account but i
>> would prefer another solution if possible, that smtp server is being
>> already used by lots of clients so running another server for them
>> would imply that they have to change their mail server (its a little
>> change, i know, but they are lots and the average user would need
>> assistance for doing that simple change) so i would try to another
>> solution first if someone has another idea.. or i get illuminated in
>> between hehe
>> Simplest solution is to put another VARIABLE disabling this check. Let
>> me see how add something like what you ask.
>> I'm just wondering if other checks could be excluded for
>> authenticathed users.
> I would say the simplest solution would be to skip these checks when
> RELAYCLIENT is set.  That way it works without modification with
> existing  SMTP AUTH patches, as well as manually setting RELAYCLIENT in
> your tcprules  file.
> or perhaps make the variable checked configurable, and default it to

I agree. I'll study how to simplify this check, trying to keep it as
simple as possible.

In this moment, my main problem is the choice between:

- a VARIABLE excluding chkuser when SET (it may default to "RELAYCLIENT")
- a VARIABLE excluding intrusion checks (as before it may default to

At first look, I feel excluding chkuser may be more useful, as in an
authenticated relaying system chkuser may be excluded.


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