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> Subject: Re: [vchkpw] MySQL going down results in 5xx error
> > Hello,
> >
> > I have recently inherited a qmail server. This server is utilizing
> > vpopmail version: 5.4.6 and MySQL Ver 4.0.25. We are 
> currently suffering
> > from the problem mentioned here:
> > http://marc.theaimsgroup.com/?l=vchkpw&m=108925077224259&w=2 and
> > 
> https://sourceforge.net/tracker/index.php?func=detail&aid=1043
> id=85937&atid=577798. The problem is that a 550 is being returned if
> database is inaccessible. I have modified the my.cnf so that this
> happens now. However I do not want to send a 550 when the database is
> unavailable. I see in many posts that there is a fix. I have looked
> through the changelogs for each of the releases and have not seen
> anything that says that it fixes this issue specifically. Can someone
> let me know if this issue has been resolved, and if so, in which very
> was it fixed.
>If you are using chkuser, there is a small change you can do (I'm going
>publish nextly this change with next version of chkuser).
>If you are interested I'll anticipate this small change so it may help
>people to handle this error.
>> Thank You!
>> Jenn
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Thank you, but I couldn't find anything on the system to make me think
that it is using chkuser.

Its using qpsmtpd which uses plugin check_delivery.
Check_delivery calls a script called vpopmail_user_check.pl which
performs "vuserinfo -d $address 2>&1". This returns an error because it
cannot talk to the database. I'm walking through all of the code now to
see if I can work with or change the return codes.

I'm sorry if I sound clueless, but I'm still trying to figure this
system out.

Thanks again for the quick reply! Looks like it helped others too.


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