I check the changelog 

Sep  5 - set tcp.smtp.tmp file in the dir with open-smtp. fixes some
         "ack child crashed" messages

can you give me more information?

发件人: Ken Jones [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] 
发送时间: 2006年2月10日 23:11
收件人: vchkpw@inter7.com
主题: Re: [vchkpw] about open-smtp.tmp

zhaoyongjie wrote:
> Hi all,I am using vpopmail 5.3.20,I want to know why there are so many
> open-smtp.tmp files
> [EMAIL PROTECTED] etc]# pwd
> /home/vpopmail/etc
> [EMAIL PROTECTED] etc]# ls
> aa                   open-smtp.tmp.15154  open-smtp.tmp.19904
> open-smtp.tmp.23778  open-smtp.tmp.27974  open-smtp.tmp.3805
> inc_deps             open-smtp.tmp.15176  open-smtp.tmp.19953
> open-smtp.tmp.23782  open-smtp.tmp.28057  open-smtp.tmp.381
> lib_deps             open-smtp.tmp.15185  open-smtp.tmp.19956
> open-smtp.tmp.23785  open-smtp.tmp.28104  open-smtp.tmp.4035
> open-smtp            open-smtp.tmp.15188  open-smtp.tmp.19968
> open-smtp.tmp.23807  open-smtp.tmp.28107  open-smtp.tmp.4060
> open-smtp.lock       open-smtp.tmp.15226  open-smtp.tmp.1997
> open-smtp.tmp.23810  open-smtp.tmp.28128  open-smtp.tmp.4123
> open-smtp.tmp.10020  open-smtp.tmp.15251  open-smtp.tmp.19971
> open-smtp.tmp.23813  open-smtp.tmp.28131  open-smtp.tmp.4126
> open-smtp.tmp.10023  open-smtp.tmp.15284  open-smtp.tmp.19976
> open-smtp.tmp.23815  open-smtp.tmp.28135  open-smtp.tmp.4292
> open-smtp.tmp.10043  open-smtp.tmp.1529   open-smtp.tmp.19982
> open-smtp.tmp.23816  open-smtp.tmp.28138  open-smtp.tmp.4315
> open-smtp.tmp.10046  open-smtp.tmp.15294  open-smtp.tmp.19986
> open-smtp.tmp.23829  open-smtp.tmp.28140  open-smtp.tmp.4354
> .........
> [EMAIL PROTECTED] etc]# ls open-smtp.tmp.* |wc -l
> 868

That problem was fixed in later versions.
I don't remember exactly what we changed.

Ken Jones

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