Two topics:

1. Last chatter on vpopmail 5.4.14 was about a month ago with hints that it would be a few days to fix a few configure quirks.  Were other issues discovered?  What's expected new in 5.4.14 and what's the status of it?

2. valias- migrating 3 CDB-based mail systems to one MySQL-based system for ease of management and some better services.  I figure as a result of the greater quantity of users and domains, MySQL is a plus.  Is there a benefit to using valias as well (keeping in mind doesn't end up in the database).  Is there a performance hit this is attempting to solve?  I've generally used files.  If I use valias instead, can I still on occasion add a maildrop line or some sort of executed command into the valias table?  How easy is that to do?  Can it do Maildir deliveries instead of forwards to other e-mail addresses?

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