On Friday 17 Feb 2006 11:18, Yavuz Maslak wrote:
> I use netqmail1.05 with vpopmail5.4.x
> After I patched netqmail-1.05 with qmail-toaster-0.8.1.patch successfully,
> I wanted to patch it with netqmail-1.05_chkuser-2.0.8.patch. But I could
> not patch beause I got some errors.

chkuser-2.0.8 is already in the qmail-toaster-0.8.1.patch

look in your source tree, you should find chkuser_settings.h, in which the 
version number is stated.
It also contains a number of things which you might want to enable/disable, 
depending on your setup

Bob Hutchinson
Midwales dot com

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